Thursday, August 4, 2011

Fr. Rosica Reflects on WYD

A conversation with Fr. Thomas Rosica re his thoughts on World Youth Day from Love and Life: A Home for English-speaking Pilgrims

Q: When talking about World Youth Day, conversations tend to focus on, well, the youth. But what impact do you think World Youth Day has on the rest of the global Church – those above the age of 35 who don’t make the pilgrimage?

A: World Youth Days are a pretext and a lens: a pretext in that the events, though primarily for the transformation and faith formation of young people, exist for the renewal of faith of the entire Christian community. In the wake of sexual abuse scandals that have captivated the media for far too long, and presented a church wracked with controversy and scandal, World Youth Days are really an indicator of a rebirth that’s taking place in the Church. It’s a rebirth that is happening as the world turns upon us. World Youth Days offer us lenses of hope through which we look at the Church, the world and the future.

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