Tuesday, July 26, 2011

What our pilgrims will be packing

So what is today's fashionable pilgrim wearing? Well, now we will have some idea what our WYD pilgrims will be carrying around Spain in the coming weeks:

The official World Youth Day Pilgrim’s Backpack is now public!!!
The bag itself features the official WYD colours: Red, Yellow and Orange. The bag will contain the official Pilgrim T-Shirt, a hat, a fan – because this IS Spain and and it IS summer. The bag also contains a copy of the YouCat Catechism book, a copy of Magnificat with which to follow the liturgies, the Pilgrim Guidebook the outlines the schedule of week and contains useful information about Madrid and WYD services. The bag also contains a transit pass, with which pilgrims can ride metro, bus and trains all week.
Pilgrims who are registered for housing and meals will receive the backpack upon arrival at their check-in location.

By Alicia Ambrosio - Salt and Light

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  1. This list of what the pilgrims are taking to World Youth Day cries out for a list of what they should NOT take with them, according to Makani Marquis, who spoke to them at Camino Saturday: www.rcav.org/OYYAM/CAMINO.

    Leave your cell phones, iPads and other digital distractions at home, he said.

    He challenged them to step out of their usual modes of communication by leaving behind anything not needed for the journey itself to make room for the Lord and a new experience of His Divine Providence.


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