Wednesday, July 13, 2011

New Brunswick parish remembers community pillar

Former Moosehead Brewery executive's funeral overflows

Hundreds of mourners packed Our Lady of Perpetual Help in Rothesay, NB today, for the funeral of Dick Oland, an Order of Canada member and former executive at Moosehead Brewery.

Extra chairs had to be brought into the church, which was rebuilt largely due to Oland's fundraising efforts, in order to fit in the number of bereaved. Many more were forced to stand at the back of the church.

Oland, 69, was the president of a private investment firm and the former president of Brookville Transport, vice-president of Moosehead, general manager of Brookville Manufacturing and a director at Ganong Bros., the New Brunswick chocolatier. He was also instrumental in bringing the Canada Games to Saint John in 1985.

The Moosehead Brewery has belonged to Oland's family for decades and is the oldest independently owned brewery in Canada, first starting in 1867.

On July 7, Oland was found dead in his St. John office, which police are treating as a homicide.

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