Friday, July 8, 2011

For the Catholic Foodie (Part 1)

"If Jesus opened a restaurant... " 
SAME Cafe (So All May Eat) in Denver, Colorado has an organic menu but without any prices attached to the dishes. Everything is made from scratch and anyone is welcome to eat regardless of ability to pay. Owners Brad and Libby Birky leave a donation box at the counter where customers are asked to consider what the meal was worth and pay what they can. Some don't give any donation, while others, like the man who left a $500 cheque, pay more. Some of those who can't afford a meal or those who simply want to help, volunteer at the cafe, helping with food prep, cooking, serving and cleaning. If you're planning a trip to Denver this summer, it might be a good idea to visit the SAME Cafe and support the community.  More about SAME here.


Grace Before Meals
His "fusion fajitas" beat Bobby Flay's "red curry-marinated skirt steak fajitas" on the Food Network's "Throwdown! With Bobby Flay" back in September 2009. His name is Leo Patalinghug, and he's a priest and member of the faculty at Mount Saint Mary's Seminary in Maryland. Fr. Patalinghug developed his love for cooking while studying for the priesthood in Rome. The chef priest has started the Grace Before Meals movement to build stronger families through creating and sharing meals together. Fr. Patalinghug hopes to help build stronger families to foster stronger communities -- one meal at a time.

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