Thursday, July 28, 2011

Archbishop Miller admits "going over the top" on stewardship

Vancouver's head priest shares his enthusiastic views on the "spirit of gratitude" 

Archbishop J. Michael Miller, CSB has been preaching the message of stewardship around the Archdiocese of Vancouver for sometime now. In a message written for the International Catholic Stewardship Council website, he admits to being an excited new convert to the stewardship way of life, and maybe a bit over the top about it.

"Everyone knows how (new) converts are: enthusiastic, sometimes failing to understand why others don’t share their new-found treasure – whatever that treasure may be," the archbishop wrote in his address. "It is such a wonderful gift for renewal that touches the heart of Archdiocesan life. Putting God first in our lives by practising stewardship deepens our faith in a way that we never dreamed possible."

The seemingly never understated archbishop also stated the challenges true stewardship can impose on the modern day Catholic family.

"Individuals and families who practice stewardship struggle as all of us do: to make a living, to juggle income with expenses and to respond to the increasing demands placed on our time and talent."

Although challenging, Archbishop Miller said that by cultivating a spirit of gratitude one can be liberated from want and care. He also reminded the reader that good stewards giving just a bit of their time, they will receive a hundredfold from the Lord. 

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