Friday, June 3, 2011

Way of the Wickeys

Young Vancouver pilgrims walk and blog along the Camino de Santiago before World Youth Day

 Aiden, Crystal, Leighton and Mark at home before the camino.
The Wickeys: Aiden, Leighton and Crystal, with cousin and Catholic Christian Outreach Missionary Mark Ho, are in Spain doing the Camino pilgrimage, the Way of St. James. Crystal, who was working in Reception/Circulation for The B.C. Catholic until she began the pilgrimage mid-May, started the Camino with Aiden (of the Catholic Charities Men's Hostel) and Mark in St. Jean Pied de Port in France. Leighton started his pilgrimage in Porto, Portugal. Mark has also started a blog called Finding my way on The Way.

Why do the Camino? In their very first blog post (May 14), Aiden wrote:
 I look at the experience as a time for adventure, reflection and contemplation... a mobile retreat so to speak where our prayer time is intertwined with the walking and the quiet times as well as the time in community and with other pilgrims.
Long walk to the next town, Santo Domingo.
Their blog is filled with great stories and photos of their preparation, "pilgrim meals", the Spanish siesta, the churches along the way, their negotiating skills in finding a place to sleep, finding Our Lady and more.

According to their blog post on May 31, they were in Fromista, a sleepy town that is quite popular with pilgrims and tourists.

Follow the Way of the Wickeys, leave a comment, ask a question and let them know what you think of their pilgrimage and adventure. Most importantly, keep them in your prayers as they keep us all in theirs. (I am sure they're praying for the Canucks, too!)


  1. Awesome! Thanks Marie. I took a Marie-style photo of my feet yesterday and was thinking of you. Except my feet were covered in dust and my shoes are worn out. I´ll have to post it so you can see.

  2. Avid BC Catholic readerJune 5, 2011 at 12:00 PM

    Great blog post!


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