Thursday, May 26, 2011

Pope sends telegram to tornado victims in Joplin

His Holiness assures his closeness in prayer

Pope Benedict XVI gave a lift to the faithful in the tornado struck town of Joplin Missouri. The telegram message was sent yesterday and received by Bishop James Vann Johnston of Springfield-Cape Girardeau, USA

The text read: "the Holy Father has followed with deep concern the aftermath of the catastrophic tornado which struck Joplin on Sunday and he asks you to convey to the entire community the assurance of his closeness in prayer. Conscious of the tragic loss of life and the immensity of the work of rebuilding that lies ahead, he asks God, the Father of Mercies, to grant eternal rest to the departed, consolation to the grieving, and strength and hope to the homeless and the injured. Upon the local civil and religious leaders, and upon all involved in the relief efforts, his holiness invokes the divine gifts of wisdom, fortitude, and perseverance in every good."

The tornado has left Joplin in ruins, killing 250 people and injuring 750 others.  

Be sure to check the BC Catholic's next issue to read the Pope's weekly address.

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