Thursday, May 26, 2011

Baldwin does Christian Rock

Youngest brother Stephen goes behind the camera for the first time

What!? Baldwin directed a Christian music video!? Wait it's Stephen not Alec. The youngest brother of the clan made his directorial debut for Christian artist Cory Lamb's Break the Cycle.

A veteran of over 60 feature films like the Usual Suspects, Baldwin took to directing pretty easily. He also brought passion to the project and as Lamb put it "he yelled sometimes, but in a loving way."

Break the Cycle hit home for Baldwin. He broke his own cycle of sin becoming a Christian shortly after 9/11.

Before turning his life over to Jesus, Baldwin was more famous for his fast lane lifestyle than his movies. Then he met a young Brazilian named Kenya who he fell in love with and married. After having their first child they hired a nanny from Brazil, a devout Christian who converted the Baldwins to Christ.

Baldwin isn't done bringing Christ's message to the masses. He steps back in front of the camera as a DEA agent in the movie I'm in Love with a Church Girl. The film also stars rapper Ja Rule.
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