Tuesday, January 25, 2011

BC Christian News folding

In the past year, two Catholic newspapers in Canada announced they would cease publishing regularly. Now another Christian publication is folding.

The BC Christian News will be officially suspended as of Jan. 31 and will publish its final issue in March. Its parent Christian Info Society will remain intact, along with Converge Magazine and the national website www.canadianchristianity.com.

In addition, a new publication -- a lifestyles magazine -- will come into existence effective Feb. 1. It will be run by an ex-publisher of Christian Info Society, Steve Almond.

I'm personally saddened by the death of this publication. Through the years, The B.C. Catholic and the BC Christian News had an excellent relationship with each other, often sharing stories. In fact, the two papers in recent months were discussing ways they could work together to spread awareness of the Church in the Lower Mainland.

May God direct them in the next stage of their journey of evangelization.

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