Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Mocking the Lord for Christmas

You'd think a business in the heart of Vancouver's gay community, where hatred and bashing is a huge concern, would be more sensitive.

A smoke shop (drug paraphernalia store) on Davie Street has what purports to be a Christmas display. I'll spare you the details. If you want to see for yourself, here's the business's Facebook page, where a discussion is under way on the appropriateness of the display, which involves sex, drugs and Our Saviour. No surprise, most visitors find it amusing. Be forewarned and be aware that they appear to be blocking critical comments.

The store has been paid a visit by city officials, presumably checking to see whether any regulations have been violated. Suffice that if a business insulted Muslims or Jews the way this display does Christians, the community response would be a lot different.

The store is called the Cottonmouth Smoke Shop at 1120 Davie St. The phone number is 604-331-1602.


  1. Should be illustrative to see what they display during Ramadan.

  2. Wonder if these people see any difference between theirs and Iran's apparent policies on Christians :


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