Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Advent: our journey begins

Throughout the four weeks of Advent, the prayer of the Church, the Scripture readings, ritual gestures and symbols, and our celebration of Eucharist hold before us our destination. It is not a geographical location, but a person: Jesus Christ. Here's a helpful reflection on the important season we've just entered.

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  1. Speaking about Advent and in particular making use of the soul-healing Sacrament of reconciliation,I noticed years past after I had received my First Communion,that people in church would follow there Catholic Faith most fervently, by being aware that there soul must be completely free of mortal sin in order to receive the Holy Eucharist. Consequently sometimes there would be a number of people reframing from receiving out of due respect for the sacredness of this Sacrament. Today however, take alook around you.It seems everyone has now become Saints....and here I though the world was in need of healing more then ever...Funny I never hear a homily from Priests reminding his congregation about this situation. Are they afraid they won't be politically correct or maybe lose a few freinds if they speak up??


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