Thursday, November 11, 2010

Standing Strong and True with The Higgins

At this year's Canadian Country Music Awards in Edmonton, The Higgins, who hail from Immaculate Conception Parish in Delta, were invited to join a long list of Canadian country artists in recording a song titled "Standing Strong and True (For Tomorrow)" -- a musical tribute to all Canadian troops and their families.

Some of the artists that participated include Aaron Pritchett, Beverley Mahood, Terri Clark, Emerson Drive, Dean Brody, and Ridley Bent.

The song is available on iTunes for download. All proceeds will go to either the Military Families Fund or Boomer's Legacy, two foundations dedicated to supporting soldiers and their families. Visit and check out the moving video directed by Antonio Hrynchuk(Fahrenheit Films).

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  1. Really cool. My friend is actually related to the Higgins (cousins I think). I haventheard them yet though.


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