Monday, November 22, 2010

Pro-lifer Mary Wagner back in jail in Toronto

B.C. pro-lifer Mary Wagner of Nanaimo is back in jail again in Toronto according to her mother.

Jane Wagner says Mary was arrested this morning in Toronto while counseling at an abortion clinic (handing out flowers and talking to women). She was taken away to jail by Toronto police but was allowed to speak with her mother by phone.

"She seemed okay. She told me that one of the women she spoke with got up and left the clinic after talking to her, and that she was engaged in speaking with another when she was dragged away. She hopes she made a difference for them and their babies.She will likely be transferred to prison after she goes before the judge tomorrow morning. Please keep her in your prayers."

We will.

In July Mary Wagner was set free after four months in an Ontario women’s prison after being found not guilty of a mischief charge.Read the full story here. And a comment on the state of freedom of speech in Canada can be found here.

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  1. Mary Wagner continues to be an inspired witness in the cause of freedom and justice. Surely she is one of the martyrs in defense of the unborn.

    J J Cullina


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