Monday, November 1, 2010

Debate on coerced abortion begins in Ottawa

You may be hearing a lot about Roxanne in the next few days. "Roxanne's Law" is a piece of legislation scheduled to begin debate today in Parliament.

The legislation is named for Roxanne Fernando, a Manitoba woman whose boyfriend attempted to coerce her to have an abortion after she became pregnant in 2007. After refusing to have her unborn child killed, Roxanne was beaten and left to die in a snow bank.

Bill C-510  is a private member’s bill introduced by Rod Bruinooge, an MP from Winnipeg. Click here to watch a short video about the bill.

The proposed amendment to the Criminal Code would criminalize the act of coercing a woman to have an abortion against her will. Under this law, a pregnant woman could press charges against a boyfriend, parent or someone else who attempts to coerce her into having an abortion. You can watch the first hour of debate at 8 a.m. Monday (Nov. 1) PT on CPAC. 

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