Friday, June 4, 2010

Pampers baby app: the culture of life on your iPad

Check out Pampers' new Hello Baby app for iPad. Makes me want to get an iPad just for this.


  1. The app is cool, but I'm not sure about the iPad. Great post.

  2. "Big Diapers- in anti-abortion fight... well when it's its customers anyway
    Big Diapers, as they are called here: a.k.a. Pampers obviously felt the bottom line (I love these puns), and has decided to go on a campaign to encourage women to carry to term. Of course, the Apple IPad app by Pampers does not mean they have ended their support of Unicef*, which promotes abortion among those who can't afford Pampers nappies.

    According to financial firm KPMG, we might all feel the pinch from the population decline soon- given the coming skills shortage they predict, so Pampers, it is coming!

    *It may be noted that Pampers does work with pro-abortion, pro-sterilization group Unicef, and help to fund it:

    The Pampers app may be downloaded here:


    Note from"


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