Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Hedy Fry ducks abortion debate

A B.C. Member of Parliament has backed down from her challenge to debate anyone on the topic of abortion. Last month the CBC reported that Hedy Fry (Liberal, Vancouver Centre) had "all her arguments ready" and was set to take on anyone in an abortion debate. B.C. pro-lifer Stephanie Gray, whose mother was a patient of Dr. Fry's while pregnant with Gray, offered to take her up on the invitation. Now it turns out Fry didn't exactly mean "anyone." It's so disappointing when you can't take an esteemed pro-choice politician at her word.
Stephanie Gray

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  1. Of course! When I call my MP, I expect them to drop everything and host a debate with me on whatever pet issue I'm calling about.

    Get serious.

    We should be asking why our Prime Minister refuses to let any MP's talk about abortion in the House.


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