Thursday, March 18, 2010

Catholic movies at the Vancouver Public Library

"I am happy here, in this cell, where white mushrooms are growing on my sleeping mat, because You are here with me, because You want me to live here with You. I have spoken much in my lifetime: now I speak no more. It's Your turn to speak to me, Jesus; I am listening to You."
- Cardinal Nguyen Van Thuan in Phu-Khanh prison, solitary confinement, October 7, 1976

More than a year ago I watched the Road of Hope: the spiritual journey of Cardinal Nguyen Van Thuan on DVD (available at the Office of Religious Education at 150 Robson). I was so moved by his life and example, especially his deep love for the Eucharist, that I wanted more people to know about him.
Shortly after watching it, I contacted the Vancouver Public Library and suggested the DVD for their collection. There are many wonderful Catholic works out there, and my hope is to have more of them available at our public library. The Suggest a Purchase form found on the VPL website asks details about the purchase suggestion and why that particular title should be in the library. I cannot remember all that I had written in the form, but I do remember saying that there is a large Vietnamese Catholic population in Vancouver who will find much inspiration and hope in the life of someone like Cardinal Van Thuan. I am hoping that everyone, not just Catholics, will get a chance to discover his life and faith.
A few days ago, more than a year from when I submitted the request, I received email notification that the DVD is now available. The Vancouver Public Library's first ever copy of Road of Hope is now with me to watch again. It is the perfect film to watch during the Lenten season and on this Year for Priests. So head out to your local library branch or go online to place a hold on the Road of Hope. Let our public library know that there is a demand for Catholic works like Road of Hope.
Here is the official trailer from Salt and Light TV. The DVD is also available for purchase from the Salt and Light TV website.

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