Monday, February 22, 2010

Trying on a torch for size

If the experiences of volunteers are any indication, a lot of people are appreciating the fact the Archdiocese of Vancouver is providing this oasis of sanity in a downtown area that sometimes resembles bedlam. And unexpected opportunities present themselves here.
On Saturday night, for instance, two Catholic Olympic torch runners dropped by, with their jackets and torches. CWLer Angelina Stiglich of St. Joseph's, Langley, and archdiocesan finance director Francis Wong offered anyone interested the chance to pose for a photo with an Olympic torch. Assisted by a couple of Knights of Columbus attendants, some donned the jacket, while others were content just to hold the torch, but before long a line-up of dozens of people stretched along Robson Street, all thrilled that they could not only see the torch up close, but hold and pose with it.

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