Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Tebow's pro-life touchdown

A year ago, Tim Tebow was in the news for being a U.S. college football player who wore his Christianity proudly on his sleeve. A B.C. Catholic editorial gave him a huge thumbs up for doing what more of us should be doing: bringing our faith into our jobs, vocations, and pastimes. Well, Tebow's moved onward and upward in every sense. The Heisman Trophy winner is likely one step away from the 2010 NFL draft and he's now being featured in a pro-life ad scheduled to run during the Super Bowl this Sunday. The ad, by Focus on the Family, apparently relates the decision his mother made not to abort her son despite pressure by doctors to do so. So naturally Tim's in hot water with "pro-choicers" who don't like this particular choice. Give them an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty for their behaviour. Meanwhile, Tebow gets the game ball.

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