Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Harper and Ignatieff: Who's really exploiting women?

How sad to see Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff injecting the politically charged issue of abortion into Ottawa's maternal and child health initiative.
The Harper government's plan to improve health for mothers and children in the world’s poorest countries should have been an initiative every Canadian could support. Instead, Ignatieff is trying to force his personal views on abortion onto the plan, jeopardizing an otherwise noble idea by turning it into something large numbers of Canadians will be unable to support.
Public opinion polls consistently show the majority of Canadians want some type of restrictions on abortion rather than the current unrestricted access allowed by Canadian law.
Ignatieff needs to rethink his stance on the issue. He's the one bringing abortion politics into a compassionate, life-saving program that could benefit tens of thousands of women and children a year.
David Warren of the Ottawa Citizen had an excellent piece on the topic, which amazingly was run by The Province as its feature editorial piece Feb. 8.

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