Saturday, February 25, 2012

Forget galaxies, here comes the universe!

Unique model brings the scale of the universe to life

From quantum foam to galactic filaments, everything in our universe covering a range of 10-35 to 1027 is offered for contemplation in this amazing interactive "map."

Called "The Scale of the Universe 2," the model offers a humbling opportunity to rethink our place in creation.

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  1. What a marvelous experience! It's an astounding reminder about how small and insignificant we actually are.

  2. Great posting! I had the pleasure of hearing astronomer Brother Guy Consolmagno, SJ at the Planetarium (Saturday) and at the UBC Physics/Astronomy Dept. (last night). Brother Guy is curator of the Vatican's meteorite collection. His talks were funny, personable, and (the UBC lecture in particular) profound. Donations from the Planetarium talk raised money for science education at Corpus Christi. Archbishop Miller, Rev. Dr. Hagemeon and the Jesuits from St. Marks, along with many other priests attended. So wonderful to see such support for Catholic higher education in the sciences!


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